300 Apple Whiskey

The flavor of Washington’s finest apples combined with our whiskey makes Caliber’s 300 Apple Whiskey truly one of a kind.  The light aroma and taste of apples is sure to please.



270 Maple Whiskey

Caliber’s 270 Maple Whiskey starts with a hint of maple right from the opening of the bottle. You’ll love the flavor even more as it takes you back to the hills of your favorite hunt. Enjoy the smooth rich flavor on the rocks or in your favorite cocktail.


45-70 Blackberry Whiskey

Caliber 45-70 blackberry is made from all-natural ingredients. Our whiskey blended with the sweet flavor of blackberries from Washington makes this a true 100% Northwest Whiskey. The smooth taste and scent of blackberries makes this one of Caliber’s favorites and is best enjoyed on the rocks.


12 Gauge Honey Whiskey

Caliber 12 Gauge is 100% local, farm to bottle Washington Honey Whiskey. The careful attention to detail by our Master Distiller makes this Northwest Honey Whiskey a hit! Taste a glass and you can see what all the buzz is about.

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