The Hunter's Whiskey

Every hunting trip has the ongoing tradition of stories being told time and again.  And, just as often, each outing produces new tales to be told for many years to come.  We wanted to create a great whiskey to become a part of these stories, both old and new.  Two marketing guys, with a real passion for whiskey, set out to craft a line of flavored whiskeys to compliment every expedition.  Our goal was simple.  Make a superb whiskey, and enjoy it while hunting and fishing.  What could be better than that?

Every successful hunting trip requires planning, dedication and passion.  We created Caliber Spirits with that same passion and attention to detail.  Each unique whiskey captures the distinctive flavors of the Pacific Northwest.  Current flavors include Apple, Maple, Blackberry and Honey, each perfectly blended for an exceptional whiskey experience.

Let Caliber Spirits be a part of your next hunting adventure.  Just use the right Caliber!

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